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Digital or Dijitam

Digital Marketing Philosophy


We are an old but aslo very new digital agency that comes and continues from classical advertising, and who carefully examines like a classicist in the digital media and helps to the customer to make them the right choice.


In 1994 we went into operation as a full service agency. Moreover, carrying our understanding of service to our name. In the sector, Over 24 years past. Easier sait than done.We provide and give service to many national, international brands.


Linkedin (2003), Facebook (2004), Youtube (2005), Twitter (2006) and Instagram (2010) were no more in the world.


Newspaper, magazine, outdoor, radio and TV. Moreover, it was not so easy. Selecting media, making purchases, catching the target audience right in the heart.


Then one day we met social media. We fused. We went to oldies. We sit at the same table with our grownups and our childhoods. We like it, people like us. We followed and made comments. They said "puddle", what's going on? we said.


Over time, everything began to be shared on social media. We met with the Digital revolution after 2008. The digital world has become a world where traditional algorithms can be measured more precisely, and different algorithms with sharp boundaries reign in tight competition.


No longer we read our newspapers and magazines by shifting and watch our TV Channels by clicking anytime we want, we can freely use our radio by choosing the music style what we want. The digital world has been a world in which there is a stubborn, progressive step in the integrated marketing mix.


People engaged in marketing communication were aware of the power of Digital in consumer interaction. He accepted. She is now part of our life but something is missing ...


We want to be full,

We wanted to catch the mass who are following the instagram while watching TV.
We wanted to return where the smell of the magazine page meet with the flow of color to the magical tablet
When we look for last minute news on Google, we always wanted to have our trusted newspaper
we wanted to catch opportunity which we have seen on the billboard posters on the way, as soon as we get an opportunity, at that moment not the plug.

We've put it all over, now we have more. More.
When we were questioning this point of view,
we were in Full, We are Dijitam.

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